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Definition of Case Manager

Case management, or a case manager, is a collaborative process of assessment, facilitation, advocacy and planning for services and options that are designed to meet an injured worker's health needs by means of communication and application of available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes. The case manager is the person who handles this management process. In many instances, case management is an essential element in getting an injured worker back to work as safely and as quickly as possible, which is the goal of case management.

The case manager's job is to facilitate this process of getting an injured worker back to work. The case manager facilitates an injured worker's return to work by:

  • Communicating with the Provider on the appropriate and proper diagnosis and treatment plan and;
  • Working with the injured worker and their employer to develop a return to work plan that may involve: Vocational rehabilitation, Modified duty work, and Developing light duty and transitional work.
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