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Definition of Benefits Notice

Benefits/benefit notice are advantages or goods that an injured worker receives from a workers' compensation claim that results from a work-related injury or illness that has been approved by the injured worker?s employer?s workers? compensation insurance company. Workers' compensation benefits include things like an income benefit, medical benefit, vocational rehabilitation, death benefit or burial benefit to your surviving dependents in the event of your death from a work-related injury or illness. One of the good things about workers' compensation benefits is that at least some of the benefits begin immediately, such as your medical benefits. Other benefits will not begin until your claim has been formally accepted and approved.

A benefit notice is a form or letter that the insurance company is required to send you to tell you about the benefits that you may be entitled to receive. A benefit notice will describe the kind, type and amount of benefits that you are going to receive. Each state determines the benefit level for employers in that state. Because workers' compensation benefits are a routine and fairly predictable risk, some employers choose to be self-insured rather than being insured through an insurance provider. In this event, your benefits will be paid directly from your employer.

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