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Definition of Attorney Fees

Attorneys fees are what an attorney charges for representing you in a workers' compensation case. Workers' compensation attorneys work like the majority of injury attorneys do. They work on what is known as a contingency fee basis. What this means is that their fee is contingent (depends) on their winning your case. If your workers compensation attorney wins your case, he or she is paid a percentage of what you are awarded. If your attorney does not win your case, there is no fee for their services. In certain special situations in some states, you may not have to pay anything even if your attorney helps you to get workers' compensation benefits. The percentage that an attorney receives in a workers' compensation case varies from state to state and has to be approved by each states Workers' Compensation Board. In many states, the percentage of your award that your attorney receives is 20%. In some states it is more, and in some it is less. These fees are a lien on the award to you. In nearly all instances, injured workers who have an attorney receive more than those who do not have an attorney.

However, there may be court costs and other legal fees that you may be responsible for if your workers' compensation case is not successful. The best thing to do is to discuss fees with your attorney at the beginning, before you secure their services. Some workers' compensation attorneys will waive any legal expenses, in which case you do not owe them a penny.

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