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Definition of Aoe

AOE, or COE, (arising out of and occurring in the course of employment are terms that are used in determining whether an injury to a worker is work related and covered by workers' compensation. These two conditions are the ones that have to be met in order to establish that an injury or illness is work related. In other words, in order for you to receive workers' compensation benefits, your injury or illness has to have taken place while you were doing your job for your employer.

"Arising out ofmeans that your injury occurred while you were performing a condition or obligation of your employment that caused you to be exposed to the danger that brought about your injury. For example, if your job calls for you to be walking on rooftops or the framework of a building, it exposes you to the danger of being injured from falling. However, if you fall because of a previous medical condition that is not related to the danger of your job, it will probably not be regarded as arising out of your employment. "In the course ofhas to do with the time and place that your injury took place. If your injury takes place on your employer's premises, such as the lobby of a building or the parking lot within a reasonable time before or after your working hours, your workers' compensation claim will probably be accepted.

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