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Definition of Agreement

Agreement in terms of workers' compensation refers to the resolution of a dispute between a claimant and their employer's workers' compensation insurance company in regard to an injury, compensation, coverage, compensability or death. The agreement specifies the amount and type of workers' compensation benefits that an injured worker will receive.

It is important to remember that a workers' compensation agreement is voluntary and not mandatory. You do not have to make an agreement. When you do reach an agreement with your employer's insurance company, it may be full and final. This means that you give up your rights to reopen your claim in the future. However, there are agreements in which you can reopen your claim in the future if you meet time constraints. In some states, the Workers' Compensation Commission or a Workers Compensation Commissioner has to approve the agreement. Laws vary from state to state on workers' compensation agreements. It is wise in most instances to have a workers' compensation attorney representing you when you try and reach an agreement with your employer's insurance company.

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