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Definition of Accident Date

Accident date is the date that your work-related accident took place or the date of onset that is given to an occupational disease. It is usually easy to determine the date that an accident took place at work. This is because an accident is when something like an object falls and hits you, or you fall from one level to another level. The accident date is simply the day that the accident takes place, even though it may be an accident in which your injury or injuries that result from it do not show up until days or weeks later.

However, determining the date of onset for an occupational disease is much more difficult. An occupational disease may result instantaneously from exposure to toxic chemicals or some other type of exposure. On the other hand, an occupational disease usually results from repeated, long-term exposure in your working conditions. As a result, it may be decades before an occupational disease develops, such as occupationally related cancers or a lung disease. In some states, it will be a judge who determines the date of onset for an occupational disease.

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