Bursitis and Workers Compensation

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There are around 160 bursae in your body. Bursae are the small fluid-filled pads that act as cushions among your bones and the muscles and tendons that are located near your joints. This lubricating fluid helps to lower rubbing, irritation and friction.

Bursitis is a painful disorder that involves your bursae. Bursitis is inflammation of your bursae. It can be an acute (short-term) condition, or bursitis can be chronic (ongoing, long-term).

The areas of your body that are most often affected by bursitis are your elbows, hips or shoulders. However, bursitis can also occur on your knee, heel and the base of your big toe. Bursitis usually develops in your joints that involve repetitive motion, which occurs for long periods of time.

A common condition

Even though bursitis is a common condition, it is difficult to determine how often it takes place. This is due to the fact that many cases of bursitis are mild and do not require treatment.

Bursitis is much more common in adults. This is especially true for adults who are over the age of 40.

The most common cause of bursitis is when you are in positions or are required to make repetitive motions over a long period of time that irritate the bursae around one of your joints. Different types of jobs that involve these things can result in bursitis. For example:

Jobs that require a lot of kneeling, such as laying carpet or scrubbing floors
Jobs that involve prolonged periods of sitting, especially on hard surfaces
Jobs that require repeated lifting of objects over your head, such as in a warehouse
Jobs where you are leaning on your elbows for extended periods of time
Jobs that require repetitive motions over a long period of time like computer technicians, cashiers, machine operations and secretaries.

Your knees and elbows are particularly at risk for puncture injuries. When this happens, they can become infected and cause septic bursitis. Septic bursitis is also known as infectious bursitis. It is the most dangerous kind of bursitis because it involves infection and bacteria and can move into other tissues in your body or into your bloodstream.

There are several signs and symptoms that you may experience, which may be an indication that you have bursitis. Some of these include:

Sharp or shooting pain, especially when you exercise or exert yourself
Excessive bruising, swelling, rash or redness in the area that is affected
Pain that gets worse when you move the affected area or press on it
A loss of motion in your shoulder
Joints that have a red and swollen appearance
Pain that lasts longer than two weeks
Joint pain that is disabling
A fever
Warmth over your affected joint
Feeling achy or stiff.

Has your job resulted in you developing bursitis? Has it gotten so bad that you are not able to do your job? Have you applied for workers compensation? Has your employer tried to keep you from getting workers compensation?

If this is true, you need to have a workers compensation attorney fighting for you. A workers compensation attorney will help you get the workers compensation benefits that you have coming to you.

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